Xieneng Technology Attended the Mobilization Meeting of Xiaoshan District to Build A New Manufacturing Centre

On 11th May,Hangzhou Xiaoshan District created the province’s manufacturing quality development demonstration area and the mobilization meeting to build a new manufacturing centre was held at Hangzhou International Expo Centre. Xieneng Technology was invited to attend this conference as the 2019 Golden Phoenix Enterprise of the Battery Gradient Utilization Technology Industry.


At the conference,Huayong Yang,academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,proposed in hish speech that intelligent manufacturing is the breakthrough of the future manufacturing industry and that a new generation of information technology can drive the manufacturing industry to create new values.


Guili Tong,Municipal Standing Committee & Secretary of the District Party Committee, also suggested at the meeting that enterprises should focus on intelligent manufacturing,advantageous manufacturing and future manufacturing, and make the manufacturing service industry stronger and deeper through data,networking and intelligent applications.


Looking back on the development of Xieneng Technology, from the development and production of traditional battery management system products, to the in-depth application in various industry sectors,to the construction of gradient utilization centres,we have never stopped on the journey of accelecrating the deep integration of digital information technology and manufacturing industry,and accelerating the transformation of intelligent manufacturing of enterprises.


Adhering to the core technology drive,Xieneng Technology has independently developed and mass-produced an active equalization control chip,filling the gap in the field.Based on this technology,combined with intelligent algorithms,it realizes efficient parallel euqalization of each series node of the battery pack,thus extending the service life of the battery pack and improving its performance and safety reliability.


Based on years of exploration on battery management system,with the advantages of pexperience and intelligent algorithm,cobined with restructuring technology,life prediction and discrete integration technology,it can well realize the battery device level gradual utilization,and has also made significant breakthrough in key technology research,equipment development and engineering application.Currently, there are three completed and under construction gradient utilization centres, also plans to build gradient utilization centres across China.


In the future, Xieneng Technology will seize the opportunity to build a high-quality demonstration zone in Hangzhou,grasp the wind of new manufacturing,based on product services,solid R&D and innovation capabilities,expand cooperation,continue to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and go further and further on the journey of building a new manufacturing more and more stable.